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Building Campaign

We need your help to meet our $350,000 fundraising goal by March 31, 2021! 

Back View (Kinne Street)

Future Main Space 11,649 sq. feet –
4 times more space than the current space of 2,880 sq. feet.

Front View (Main Street)

A message from Village Board member Becky Beissel

  • Beginning of the building project in 2012
  • Building new, adding to current space, buying and remodeling BMO building
  • Village Board approval
  • Community support – Design Ellsworth #1 priority
  • Funding – library, village, community
  • How a new library enriches our community through services, opportunities, and economic impact
  • Timeline

Progress Reports (updated weekly)

We have the building, we have the village, now we need YOU!


Ellsworth Public Library will contribute $595,000 toward buying and renovating the vacant BMO Harris bank building, that will increase the library’s space by 8,769 square feet. oooooooooooooooooo


Ellsworth Village Board has committed $500,000 towards a new library contingent on securing $350,000 from private contributions as well as qualifying grants.


Securing $350,000 from businesses, community members, and grants is a crucial step in creating a new library space for our community. The goal is to achieve this by March 31, 2021.oooooooooooooooo


The final books needed to expand the library’s services and spaces, and to best serve our community’s needs will be an ongoing process. A great library requires ongoing support!

Other Ways to Support the Library