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Building Campaign

As of June 24, 2022 our community has raised approximately $1,966,451.00 towards our new library building at 388 West Main Street. Thanks to all! Our new goal is to reach $2,000,000 to go beyond the basic remodel with furnishings, landscaping, and technology. 

Back View (Kinne Street)

Future Main Space 11,649 sq. feet –
4 times more space than the current space of 2,880 sq. feet.

Front View (Main Street)

 Building Plan Slideshow

Wall Smashing Event – (4/22/22)

View of the main level to the upper level – wall removed (5/4/22)

View of the main level from the upper level (5/4/22)

Main level view from the Kinne Street entrance (5/4/22)

Makerspace opened up, upper level (5/18/22)

View of the storytime room, looking through to study rooms (5/18/22)

ramp to the left, stairs to the right (6/22/22)

circulation desk area in front, staff workroom in back (6/22/22)

Makerspace with display case, upper level (6/22/22)

History Room – former vault area (6/22/22)

ramp to upper level (7/22/22)

teen space with teal color on the walls (7/22/22)

coffee station area, lower level (7/22/22)

Makerspace (7/22/22)

storytime/playspace looking through to study rooms, tan paint on the walls (7/22/22)

staff workroom in back, circulation area in front with darker blue color on the walls (7/22/22)

Donation Options and Information


  • Online Donation
  • Send a check payable to:
    Ellsworth Public Library Building Campaign
    312 West Main Street
    Ellsworth, WI 54011
  • Directly at Associated Bank
    (see teller for details)

Pledge/Naming Opportunities

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